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A Theatre Of Their Own

I relaxed so quickly, I heard bits of my DNA unwind. Continue reading

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Gra bong & Khao yum.

There is nothing worse then the person beside you ordering food that looks better than yours. Except for when that person isn’t actually part of your dining party. We ate the fritters so fast I didn’t get to snap a … Continue reading

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Dress-Up Day.

When I was a kid, my favourite show was Polka Dot Door. It ruled. One of my Mom’s favourite stories about me is also about Polka Dot Door, thanks to many, many weekday afternoons of watching it with me. Polka … Continue reading

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Princess Rhyme & Princess Reason

Today, I pulled a panda apart. It’s kind of my thing. Also not as sinister as it sounds. I’ve always been a curious kid – it took honest to goodness weeks for my Mom to read books to me, I … Continue reading

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Wear a Red Shirt.

With thanks to my friend W, this is now in both our lives. Get it – it makes you look pretentious while trying to hold in a snort. That’s a rare gift in a book.

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“I want to run around and yell it at people!”

Today’s original draft had something to do with employment, and the nature of interviews. Instead, it is about Cannes. Where I will be going, in 3 short months. I am vibrating out of my skin a little. Prepare for a lot … Continue reading

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“That lamp doesn’t have a family!”

There are some characters that just get on your nerves – Private Randy Hill isn’t one of them. I had very, very low expectations for Enlisted, a new half hour comedy making the rounds on Fox, and the ‘Pilot’ met … Continue reading

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Liberté. Égalité. Beyoncé.

Today, I’m filming a 2 minute introduction video as part of an application to go to Cannes in May. It’s freaking me the fuck out. I’ve applied to hard things before – I went to grad school, I remember what it’s like … Continue reading

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Today is the first official day of classes for my place of employment: Glad to see nothing changes much over the years.

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Rule 42.

I really, painfully embarrassingly, love NCIS. I know. It’s a police procedural that isn’t exactly The Wire. They’ve got fancy gadgets, a bad guy of the week, a coroner who talks to dead people – and the reputation of being … Continue reading

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