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Gra bong & Khao yum.

There is nothing worse then the person beside you ordering food that looks better than yours. Except for when that person isn’t actually part of your dining party. We ate the fritters so fast I didn’t get to snap a … Continue reading

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Planes, Customs, and Luggage (oh my.)

On Tuesday, I booked a ticket to Nice. On Wednesday, I had two doctor’s appointments and applied for a new credit card. On Thursday, I bought travel insurance and found myself lingering around the travel sized items display for far … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold.

I’m not a coffee drinker. But technically, neither are most of you. I pass by six coffee places on my way to work every day. Most of them are your chain stores, the Starbucks, the Second Cup, the Timmy Hos, and … Continue reading

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker.

I know understand why there are so many films about getting married and the planning thereof – wedding planning is completely insane. One of my grad school friends is getting married sometime this year, probably in the summer, and she’s … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Cat Puzzle

Kinder Surprise Eggs will never be the same. Last night, I had to make a choice: end my shift at work and get as much rest as I could before the start of Job #2, or stick around a see one … Continue reading

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