Gra bong & Khao yum.

There is nothing worse then the person beside you ordering food that looks better than yours.

Except for when that person isn’t actually part of your dining party.

Not squash fritters. So sad.
We ate the fritters so fast I didn’t get to snap a picture. So instead: CAKE!

I work close enough to Khao San Road that it’s actually a little sad I had no idea it existed. Once I started asking around, I consistently got pieces of advice: order the squash fritters, and get your name on the list early so you’re only waiting an hour for a table instead of two. Someone should have also given me a heads up about the communal tables.

I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling, and when I have, I try to eat at places I’d never have the chance to at home, Needless to say, I did not dine at the Kenny Rogers Roasters when I had the chance in Singapore. But I’m used to that more European style of seating – your table is for you and your dining party; you are very separate from everyone else. Which is helpful, not everyone needs to know about your 50 minute Backstreet Boys conversation.

I really enjoyed Khao San Road, the food was great, the service was pretty fast for how many people they had seated, and I could not believe how hard it was for me to stop eating from the plate on my left, which did not belong to me or anyone I was with. Handsome Guy with Glasses, I know your date declared your crispy rice salad “too crispy for human consumption”, to which you agreed, but you looked sad when you realized that also meant you could no longer continue to eat it. Stick with the fritters, my friend – I’ll share.

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