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Love, Marketing, is Everywhere.

I just sent my friend a one word email about this: That word was No. Please, please no. No a million times. I’ve read the books – I wish they were better written, and if you try to fight me … Continue reading

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Communication (is impotent).

More than two weeks ago, a student came into my office and asked if I knew where the refugee site was. My face contorted into the expression that clearly says “this does not compute.” She said her friend told her … Continue reading

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Never in my life have I been so genuinely upset to run across a spoiler. Damn you, Wikipedia – sometimes all a girl wants to do is look up how to spell Tom Mison properly, not get incredibly specific and … Continue reading

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Well Explained.

I think there’s a reason I just use my phone these days: Clocks got complicated, yo.

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker.

I know understand why there are so many films about getting married and the planning thereof – wedding planning is completely insane. One of my grad school friends is getting married sometime this year, probably in the summer, and she’s … Continue reading

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Liberté. Égalité. Beyoncé.

Today, I’m filming a 2 minute introduction video as part of an application to go to Cannes in May. It’s freaking me the fuck out. I’ve applied to hard things before – I went to grad school, I remember what it’s like … Continue reading

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Free Hamster. Free WiFi.

My practical technical skills start and pretty much end with basic html. I genuinely took an Intro to Computers in my first year of undergrad, and it taught me all I know about using prefabricated templates created by those who actually … Continue reading

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Tiny Circle Curator

There is nothing quite like a brand new keyboard. Office work in general is fascinating to me, I’ve done it periodically in my life, but the honest joy I had this morning at being able to get rid of my ‘ergonomic’ … Continue reading

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Xylem Sappiness

It turns out I have a very low tolerance for films that challenge me. A more accurate statement would be that I have a very low tolerance for films that challenge me, and in doing so give me next to nothing … Continue reading

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Today is the first official day of classes for my place of employment: Glad to see nothing changes much over the years.

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