Black & Yellow

Dear Hogwarts,
When Netflix released the first season of Daredevil, I had two overwhelming, but equally true, thoughts: One – I could never head Charlie Cox use his real accent or I was liable to drop dead, the man is thatgoodTwo – James Wesley is, somehow, an Evil Hufflepuff.
Hear me out. Trustworthy? Keeps his boss’ name out of public view for years. Loyal? Uses extensive knowledge of wine to help that same boss Get The Girl. Unafraid of toil? Legit hires Matt and Foggy to defend an assassin on his boss’ payroll. Smack his ass and call him Fat Friar, he’s a badger 4 Lyfe.

Thank you, Hogwarts, for all that you do. Especially for your rigid rubric system designed to segregate kids based on perceived personality traits with the help of a talking hat, that’s never going to backfire.

It. Was. Magical.*


Teagan (Head Girl, Ravenclaw)

*No. Go away. No puns here. Siriusly.
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