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There are times when I’m entirely positive that cooking is the very best metaphor for life. You try to stick to the recipe set out for you, you end up substituting ingredients for things you either a) already have or … Continue reading

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The Cow Sweater.

Some days, when I get dressed to go to work, I put on my Cow Sweater. It doesn’t usually make it out the door. For the first two months I owned it, this particular sweater wasn’t called The Cow Sweater … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold.

I’m not a coffee drinker. But technically, neither are most of you. I pass by six coffee places on my way to work every day. Most of them are your chain stores, the Starbucks, the Second Cup, the Timmy Hos, and … Continue reading

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Princess Rhyme & Princess Reason

Today, I pulled a panda apart. It’s kind of my thing. Also not as sinister as it sounds. I’ve always been a curious kid – it took honest to goodness weeks for my Mom to read books to me, I … Continue reading

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Well Explained.

I think there’s a reason I just use my phone these days: Clocks got complicated, yo.

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Free Hamster. Free WiFi.

My practical technical skills start and pretty much end with basic html. I genuinely took an Intro to Computers in my first year of undergrad, and it taught me all I know about using prefabricated templates created by those who actually … Continue reading

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