Princess Rhyme & Princess Reason

Today, I pulled a panda apart.

It’s kind of my thing. Also not as sinister as it sounds.

I’ve always been a curious kid – it took honest to goodness weeks for my Mom to read books to me, I always asked a million questions; about words I didn’t understand, about things I’d never heard of, about situations the characters found themselves in, and then related them back to my own 6 year old life. We still haven’t made it through the Phantom Tollbooth.

I love knowing things, love wanting to understand and twist ideas around in my mind, seeing what else they can offer if I just looked at them from a different angle. I like the challenge, the joy of discovery, the thrill of triumph over something that has stumped me for hours. Sometimes that passion and excitement is thrown at my work, at the things I write, and sometimes, it’s Panda Cupcakes. Took me less than thirty seconds to break down the ingredients needed and the process to follow. I’m going to make those.

They are going to rule.

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