Tiny Circle Curator

There is nothing quite like a brand new keyboard.


Office work in general is fascinating to me, I’ve done it periodically in my life, but the honest joy I had this morning at being able to get rid of my ‘ergonomic’ monstrosity of a QWERTY was both strangely genuine and genuinely strange. I’m now a complete fan of making your work environment as comfortable as possible, and I have the multi-pack of highlighters to prove it.

There have always been times where I have felt, for no reason other than my entire body was screaming it, completely comfortable. It’s such a rare occurrence that I remember each time vividly, as if my DNA was unwinding in sheer happiness at being exactly where I was supposed to be. It happened when I was hired at Job #1 after a really amazing contract was up –  I knew that this company was it for me, and I want to stay for as long as they will have me. Even if I’m starting to get weird shoulder muscles on one side of my body, thanks to the way the workstations are set up. I’m hoping to stay until we’re all brains in jars.


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