“That lamp doesn’t have a family!”

There are some characters that just get on your nerves – Private Randy Hill isn’t one of them.

I had very, very low expectations for Enlisted, a new half hour comedy making the rounds on Fox, and the ‘Pilot’ met those expectations. It’s a decent introduction to the three Hill brothers: Pete, the one who became a self professed hero over in the sandbox back home thanks to an insubordinate punching out, and Derrick and Randy, the two who remained in Florida in the fictional Rear D and wash tanks. For America.

If it weren’t for Randy, played so genuinely by Parker Young, the show wouldn’t have me coming back for more. The second episode of the season, ‘Randy Get Your Gun’, develops Randy’s character in a way that gives Young the opportunity to slay the hell out of some choice lines, even against a backdrop of the ‘soldiers are stone cold killers but not this guy!’ type of plot. I enjoyed his struggle, trying to put the plot of Toy Story 3 into words without crying so much, I’ve decided it should be added into the standard method to test for psychotic personalities.

Criminal Minds, you might want to get in on that. That and the shark cake, it rules.

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