Walk walk fashion baby

Dear Hair Flip Dude,

I worked at TIFF for 3 years, and I learned many, many things during my 4 Festivals as staff. One, no one reads anything. Two, the people waiting in line for movies during Festival have some of the most fascinating stories you’ll ever hear. Three, it IS possible to be the only one out of a theatre of 500 to find something funny enough to laugh out loud. Four, no one reads anything. But yesterday, on the last day of Festival 2017, I got to witness a rare and beautiful sight: you getting ready for your One True Festival Photo.

There was a ponytail release. A head shake. A calm, cool rake of the fingers through the hair. Then a clear sense of fuck it as you whipped your hair from side to side, as though Willow Smith herself had appeared to personally turn your swag on. There was a booty pop. A small shuffle to the left to make sure the giant TIFF logo behind you was visible. And then, there was the moment of truth, when your friend showed you the photo. You deemed it “Fine-ish”, and made your friend take 10 more shots.

Thank you, Hair Flip Dude, for all that you do. Especially for your dedication to getting not just your One True Festival photo, but the right One True Festival Photo. And thanks to friends like yours, willing to risk pinky cramps in the search for social media perfection.

It. Was. Magical.



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