Dear Ted Danson,

What I love most about television is the chance to see characters and story grow over time. I always feel at a disadvantage when watching a movie, where montages and title cards reading ‘One Year Later’ stand in to explain how a character now feels or behaves, and why. Television, for better or worse, has always let me experience the journey with the characters I want to know. And sometimes, when I’m lucky, I get to watch something truly, astonishingly wonderful.

I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen The Good Place, but that twist? That Twist RUINED ME. That Twist? Made the entire journey worthwhile and had me madly searching for confirmation that the show had been renewed. That Twist showed me how crucial timing and context are to storytelling, and how brilliant a thing can be when you take it just seriously enough. That Twist allowed you a split second in which you managed to convey the history, gravity, and complexity of who your character truly was, and it was remarkable and a revelation that set off an entirely new tone to an already layered show.

Thank you, Edward Bridge (?!) Danson, for all that you do. Especially for your talent, not just as an actor, but as one who can convey so much emotion, feeling, thought, and evilness, with just one twist of the lips.

It. Was. Magical.



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