The Office.

Today, a ruler might be my downfall.

Not a person in a seat of power. The thing you use to draw straight lines.

It’s been an interesting transition into Job #2, I like the people in the office and I enjoy the work we do. But it’s very clear that, in an office full of people who have been here 15 plus years, I’m considered part of the temporary scenery. It’s a different atmosphere than Job #1, where I am also part time, but on an indefinite contract. It’s like being part of the Song that Never Ends, but with a paycheck every 2 weeks. It’s that fun.

I’ve always tried to be the person in any group that makes sure everyone is included in the conversation, I’ve been sidelined too many times in my life by people and conversations that left me out in the cold, feeling awkward and alienated without anything to offer. It’s not a fantastic feeling, and when I can prevent others from feeling the same, I make it happen. It’s made me a fantastic conversationalist, simply by actually listening to what others are saying, and relating to it in a genuine way. It’s also made me sensitive to my environment, and today, that’s been a definite asset.

An asset and a curse – I’ve already had to check in with the owner of said ruler twice since getting into work. It’s going to be a long day. About 30 centimeters long.

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