It’s all in the details.

Which is something we hear all the time – in job descriptions, on resumes, as part of the test we’re about to take: the details make things special. Special because someone, somewhere, took the time to make something detailed enough that, when it changes, we notice.


It’s a huge part of the reason I have favourite TV shows – I’m hardwired to see the small tweaks and personal touches the writers and actors, the set dressers and costumers, the post production and teams, put on their show. Because for me, sitting at home watching, I feel like I’m really part of the world that’s been created for me to enjoy, and enjoy it I do.

It allows for a level of honest, unapologetic complexity that makes me tune in, week after week, and offers me personal a challenge: to write my own shows and scripts without worrying who will get it, or who will like it. Write what you like how you like, and it will find an audience.

All of this from the Fringe opening credit sequence. Gotta love a show that colour codes its Universes. And makes the details icing on the cake that is that crazy show.

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