I live in a multiverse.

And that’s mostly because I live in Toronto – every time I turn on my television, I have an 18%* chance of seeing the characters I love running around my city. But calling it another name. For example:


Last night’s episode of Suits, lovingly filmed here in the downtown core of Not New York. Except – that’s not an airport, that’s the Direct Energy Centre. But it doubles nicely – I especially love that the Gates 4-5 sign pretty much points to the bathrooms.

Mostly, I just like the thrill of seeing something from my real life in Harvey’s fake life – even if it is just the place I got to a craft show every year. Keeps life interesting – and gives me excuses to point at the show and shout “I’VE BEEN THERE!!”

What can I say, I like to feel connected.

*No calculators where harmed in the determining of this percent. Or used at all.
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