I have a type.

Television has always been a huge part of my life – from nights spent gathered around episodes of The Amazing Race with my family, to days spent polishing off the entire season of The IT Crowd, squealing in joy at my computer. And in almost two decades of viewership, I’ve learned two things:

1. I really, really like shows that demand great actors play AU versions of their characters.

2. When I watch a show, I talk as though everyone watching the show is next to me.

Both of those things stuck me while watching a rerun of Fringe that followed a truly excellent episode of Orphan Black, which is my new favourite flavour of SciFi. The first? Is a function of incredibly talented writers trusting their actors to be brilliant now matter what’s thrown at them, and being right. The second? I’m in clear need of a blog.

I have a type – and it’s freaking awesome television. Let’s explore it!

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